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In between deadlines and meetings and all the other goings-on involved in making The Pastel Journal, I do like to take some time to read magazines and blogs other than the one I work on! Here are three artist blogs I like (look for more favorites in future posts):

Making a Mark: This well-trafficked blog from UK-artist Katherine Tyrrell discusses the artist’s current work, its inspirations and development. She also offers loads of information and resources for artists, particularly those interested in pastel, colored pencil and drawing/sketching.

(left) Giverny Trees #1 by Katherine Tyrrell

Maggie Price Artblog: If you can hardly wait between issues of The Pastel Journal to catch technical advice from our QA columnist Maggie Price, then turn to the artist’s blog. Though relatively new, this blog is shaping up to be a great stopping place for pastel pointers you can take directly to the easel.

(left) Rooftops Alpondeire by Maggie Price

A Plein Air Painter’s Blog: In his blog, pastel painter (and frequent feature writer for The Pastel Journal) Michael Chesley Johnson offers his insights into painting on location. Johnson’s work is continually fed by the inspiring scenery of his homebase– Campbello Island (New Brunswick, Canada).

(left) Spring Comes to Snug Cove by Micahel Chesley Johnson

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