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Joseph Zbukvic A Look Inside the Watercolor Artists Sketchbook

Joseph Zbukvic A Look Inside the Watercolor Artists Sketchbook

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Joseph Zbukvic is a true master of the medium of watercolor. His work is a balance between design, value, color and emotion evoking feeling within the viewer. His use of pastel and watercolor to paint Landscapes and Seascapes bring about his most stunning works. Zbukvic’s personal statement, “I try to achieve a balance of harmony between tonal values, design, colour and mood that will visually evoke the emotions between the viewer and the painting. Watercolour, with its subtle and gentle effects is a perfect medium to achieve this.

Zbukvic exhibits his work in Europe, Australia and the United States. He is a member of several important professional groups: the Old Watercolour Society; The Australian Guild of Realist Artists; the Victorian Artists Society; the Twenty Melbourne Painters Society; and the prestigious Australian Watercolour Institute.

Zbukvic received a Diploma of Art at the Industrial Design Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia in 1974.

Watch the video: Joseph Zbukvic paints an amazing street scene in watercolour I Colour In Your Life (August 2022).