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Jens Picks: Digital Painting Techniques

Jens Picks: Digital Painting Techniques

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Complete Digital Painting Techniques
by David Cole
Many of us use our computers in some way for artwork…be it to keep in contact with other artists, galleries or friends; to broadcast our new paintings on websites, blogs or social sites; to store and transform our reference photos. But how many of us have taken that next step and use our computers as the painting tools themselves? From oils and watercolor to pencil and charcoal, many of the media and techniques associated with painting and illustration have remained unchanged for decades. But advances in software and hardware have seen many artists, move to the digital arena.

Graphics tablets are now easily affordable and high quality painting programs are available to suit all budgets. But how can these new tools be used to replicate the traditional effects of paint on canvas or pencil on paper? Complete Digital Painting Techniques explains how. Whether you’re an experienced traditional painter or a beginner just starting down your creative path, this book will show you how to replicate real world painting techniques—either freehand or by transforming your photos—with amazing results.

Covering essential tools and explaining the capabilites of the leading programs, the book features step-by-step demonstrations on re-creating traditional painting and drawing techniques, from impasto to line and wash, pointillism to sumi-e, to nontraditonal techniques like airbrush and graffiti.

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Features step-by-step instructions using popular programs such as Adobe Photoshop and Corel Painter.

About the Author
David Cole’s paintings have been exhibited in the Mall galleries in
London. He took up digital photo-manipulation and painting some
years ago, and continues to be absorbed by the simulation of natural
media using digital techniques. He also creates tutorials for Corel
Painter Official Magazine.

Featured Flowers and Landscape paintings below from Complete Digital Painting Techniques by David Cole.


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