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Free Articles from The Artists Magazine, December 2012

Free Articles from The Artists Magazine, December 2012

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Letter from Maureen Bloomfield, in the December 2012 issue of Magazine:

This September I had the good fortune to attend American Artist’s Weekend with the Masters in San Diego, where artists of the caliber of Daniel E. Greene, David Leffel, Sherrie McGraw, Juliette Aristides, Quang Ho, Rob Liberace and David Jon Kassan, to name just a handful, maintained that, as artists, we have to pay attention—to look until we see. Looking until you see sounds easy unless you’ve spent a lifetime at it. In fact, David Leffel called painting a “problem-solving discipline”; Daniel E. Greene spoke of the challenge of realism and of the “extremely worthy goal of spending one’s life trying to excel.” Trying to excel is continual, an inner and outer process, a dilemma and a joy.

If you’re a new reader of Magazine, we welcome you. In every issue, we feature artists who are generous enough to share secrets of craft and wise enough to impart lessons as relevant today as they were centuries ago. In this issue, Michael Chesley Johnson demonstrates two approaches to painting in oil (“By Direct or Indirect Means”); M. Katherine Hurley walks you through a tonal landscape (Brushing Up); Grant Fuller offers a refresher course in perspective (Drawing Board), and Leonard D. Duboff explains more of the complexities of copyright law (Ask the Experts).

Finally, we celebrate the winners of Magazine’s 29th Annual Art Competition; we congratulate the finalists, as well, and indeed everyone who submitted work for our review. Keep at it! Perhaps the only point on which all the artists at Weekend With the Masters agreed was this: The more you put into it, the more you get out of it. Keep painting.~Maureen Bloomfield

Take a peek at this issue’s complete table of contents and get your print or digital issue today at And in the meantime, enjoy the following free articles and links from this issue.

More instruction from M. Katherine Hurley:
Dramatic Values: M. Katherine Hurley Works in Black and White (North Light Media); Hurley demonstrates how to create studies using the construction/deconstruction technique with black pastel and erasers.
Capturing the Essence of Landscapes in Oils by M. Katherine Hurley (North Light Media); Hurley demonstrates oil landscape painting.
Vivid Color Landscapes: M. Katherine Hurley Paints Pastels (North Light Media); Hurley demonstrates pastel landscape painting.
• “Nature as the Soul’s Mirror” by Daniel Brown (Magazine, January/February 2008); feature article on M. Katherine Hurley
• “Give and Take” by M. Katherine Hurley (Magazine, June 2008); Brushing Up article on the construction/deconstruction technique

Ask the Experts: Free Advice
• Can you reproduce a copyrighted work in another painting?
• Copyright Law: Fair Use Defined
• Why register copyright?
More from Leonard Duboff:
• What’s the law on painting models who are homeless?
• Can you sell a painting of someone else’s child?
• Is it okay to copy an artist in some cases?
• Business of Art: Trademark Law
• Concerned about the Copyright Controversy
• Everything You Need to Know about Orphan Works
• Business of Art: Photo Releases
• Business of Art: Painting Homes
• Business of Art: Copyright and Structures
• Trade Dress Protection
• Work for Hire
• Copyright Duration
• Business of Art: About Copyright

Learn More From Michael Chesley Johnson
• “Oil Painting Primer,” Magazine, September 2012—guide to paints, thinners, mediums and other supplies and equipment used by an oil painter
• “Grounded for Life,” Magazine, March 2012—guide to preparing surfaces for oil painting
• “Paint for the Impatient,” Magazine, December 2011—introduction to alkyd oils
• “Plein Air Painting With Alkyds: A Painting Step-by-Step”­—free online article
Downloadable Video:
Oil Painting on Location with Michael Chesley Johnson–free preview available at

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