Frustration Isnt Always a Bad Thing

Frustration Isnt Always a Bad Thing

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Frustration isnt always such a bad thing. Its a sign that youre trying something new, different, or outside your level of familiarity, and in working your way through it (and you will) you conquer this challenge and move on to the next one. — Start Your Week with Steve, a free enewsletter from artist Steve Henderson

Life is not always a cup of tea, but a break to enjoy that cup of tea
enables us to endure, and conquer, our frustration. Tea by the Sea,
an original oil painting, signed limited edition print,
and note card by Steve Henderson.

One of the most satisfying things I do is teaching another person how to knit. And every time I do so, I conclude the lesson with this encouragement: Youve just learned. While knitting is fairly simple consisting of basically two stitches, until you practice and do it over and over and over, you will not get good.

And in the process of practicing, and learning how to be good, you will find that you forget some things, or that your knitting looks uneven, or that you drop stitches and you dont know how to get back. And you will get frustrated.

Not only is this normal, but this is good, and if youre not getting frustrated, then youre probably not pushing yourself beyond your existing skill. You are not stupid. You are not unusual. You are not weird. You are normal. You are above normal when you accept the challenge, fight it, and win. Now, go and knit.

This same advice applies in anything you do, including and especially including creating a fine art painting or sculpture. You wont get better if you dont practice those oil painting techniques and push yourself with new painting instruction; and if you do it a lot and push yourself outside your existing painting skills, you can expect to get frustrated because you are getting somewhere.

So, go get frustrated.


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