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Painting Facial Features with Sharon Sprung

Painting Facial Features with Sharon Sprung

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In these two portrait painting workshops, you’ll learn how to paint a variety of skin tones, as well as how to simplify and paint facial features. You’ll learn how to paint eyes, noses and mouths to create realistic, lifelike faces.

Understanding Values in Skin Tones

In this art workshop, Sprung demonstrates her favorite portrait painting techniques for creating realistic skin tones. She defines basic terms like halftone, highlight, cast shadow and more, as well as chroma, value, temperature and hue, and how that translates into creating better paintings. You’ll learn how to see in values and learn helpful tips so that you can readily translate those values into color. Setting out her palette, Sprung then describes the properties of each color. Finally, you’ll learn how to mix colors in order to create a vast range of lifelike skin tones. You can also get this in a video download format.

Painting Facial Features with Sharon Sprung
Then, in Painting Facial Features, you’ll learn how to her favorite painting techniques for painting realistic faces. First, she explains how different brushes are useful for creating lifelike effects. Then, working with light and shadow, she demonstrates different painting techniques to paint an eye, nose and mouth. Once you’ve learned that, she shows how to put all those elements together in a working portrait. Finally, you’ll see how the relationships between light and form, value and color work to create a stunning, lifelike face. You can also get Painting Facial Features with Sharon Sprung in download format at

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