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Drawing Doodle Art: How to Create an Original Pattern

Drawing Doodle Art: How to Create an Original Pattern

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When it comes to doodle art, drawing your own patterns is an exciting way to build a piece of art that comes wholly from your experiences and the world around you. I was honored to co-host a series of zen doodle videos with Tiffany Lovering, one of which focuses on this specific area: Creating Original Patterns. While filming, Lovering not only used her intended reference materials, but also found ways to incorporate designs from my sweater, which we used in the video!

I learned so many cool drawing tricks that week, and I want to share some of them with you. Here’s what I learned during Lovering’s workshop on how to create original doodle art patterns:

1. Take reference photos of interesting patterns that you see around you. Find them in nature, architecture, fabrics–there are no rules here.

2. Print them in black and white. When you remove the color, it simplifies the image. My advice: If you’re comfortable using Photoshop, you can digitally change them to grayscale and alter the levels to add more contrast. This will make the design easier to see. Lovering advises that you can even lighten them up on a photocopier.

3. Use a white pen to draw the most simple lines on top of the paper, building the pattern that you’ll then draw separately.

Of course, Lovering goes into more detail about how to enhance the patterns once you’ve drawn a basic shape, but this gives you an idea on how to begin. She teaches 10 patterns, including how to build them onto each other for a complex drawing that is simple to learn.

Creating Original Patterns is part of the Tangle Love Workshop series (and it’s included in a limited-time sale: get 50% off most North Light Shop DVDs and video downloads). Inspired by this workshop, I’ve begun taking my own reference photos for patterns. Each image carries with it memories from special places—an added bonus!

Stay original,

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