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How to Paint Trees in Watercolor, Pen Ink

How to Paint Trees in Watercolor, Pen Ink

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How to Paint Trees

The beauty of painting trees is that, like faces and snowflakes, every one of them is different. It’s no wonder then, that the approach to painting trees is different for every artist and in every medium. But when it comes to learning how to paint trees using watercolor and pen ink, there’s two artists with fabulous, fun approaches: Claudia Nice and Karlyn Holman.

In Watercolor Making Your Mark, part 1, Karlyn demonstrates a fun way of using water-soluble pens to create colorful washes in her paintings of trees. And in Painting Trees in Watercolor, Pen Ink, Claudia Nice demonstrates a beautiful landscape painting of two trees in a field, using pen ink to enhance the tree bark and other details.

Preview Painting Trees in Watercolor, Pen Ink now to learn Claudia’s blending technique using a pen to add bark, knotholes and textured effects to your watercolor trees. You can also find her DVD, the download, and other items at!

Learn how to paint trees in watercolor, pen ink with Claudia Nice!

Watch the video: How to Paint Different Tree Stems in Watercolor (August 2022).