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Sketching Idea: Choose a Specific Subject and Draw a Series

Sketching Idea: Choose a Specific Subject and Draw a Series

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When someone loves something, it shows, even without him saying. When reading the introduction to Pete Scully’s Creative Sketching Workshop: 21 Sketch Crawl Ideas and Exercises, his love for sketching was apparent. Pete said that when he discovered the growing trend of sharing urban sketches with other artists online, his passion for drawing was reignited, and so began the birth of this book that’s guaranteed to inspire others.

“If you’ve ever been stuck on ‘what to sketch,’” Pete says, “just remember that anything can be interesting if you take an interest in it, and sketching is one of the best ways to get interested in the world around you. All you need is something to draw with and something to draw on.”

Sketching a Series by Pete Scully (from Creative Sketching Workshop)

Even the most creative of minds can get stuck. What do I draw? How do I find inspiration? One way is to pick a particular type of object around the home–shoes, tools, bottles–or maybe something outside, such as fire hydrants, newspaper boxes, interesting cars or larger buildings such as churches. Then, all at once or over a period of time, draw a series of them. That way, you’ll always have a subject to get your creativity flowing again.

Luke’s Shoes: In this series I decided to sketch every single one of my son’s shoes, in chronological order, from the very first to the latest. Each of these is in a single small Moleskin sketchbook in the same black-and-white style, from different angles, although I have done additional color ones in a second sketchbook, which I use to draw all of his toys and things in general. As this is a project spanning several years, I have tried to keep the style similar, even though my personal techniques have evolved. As a record of my son’s growth it is priceless, and far easier to accomplish than a scale drawing of him growing up. I’ll probably still be sketching his shoes well into his twenties! ~Pete

In Creative Sketching Workshop, you’ll find ideas such as this, as well as exercises that are planned with definitive outcomes in mind. For example, in the “Sketching a Series” exercise, Pete notes that you’ll:
• Develop your interest in drawing the everyday
• Work on your observational skills
• Appreciate differences in similar objects
• Develop a specific style
• Draw quickly and often

You’ll love being able to flip through Creative Sketching Workshop (pre-order your copy here) and see at a glance what benefits you’ll get out of the various sketching lessons. Pete has included chapters that feature a variety of artists who cover everything from indoor and outdoor scenes to sketching buildings, people and pets, complete with plenty of diverse examples and inspiring prompts.

Happy sketching,

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