Discover How To Paint Sparkling Silver in Watercolor

Discover How To Paint Sparkling Silver in Watercolor

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As winter approaches and the holidays roll in, why not try creating a festive treat your family and friends will most surely cherish? Follow along with accomplished artist Soon Y. Warren in her instructional video, Vibrant Watercolor Techniques: Painting Silver, as she completes an entrancing candy wrapper in watercolor!

“The composition is simple, but the interesting color combinations and value made from the reflections of the wrappers are fun to paint,” shares Soon.

Establishing the Underpainting

After reviewing her list of watercolor materials, drawing the candy wrapper shape and applying masking fluid, Soon sets to work to establish the underpainting by covering the surface with water and then painting the entire paper with yellow and blue watercolor.

Developing Local Color

Watch as Soon introduces red into her painting to mingle with her yellows and blues already established on the composition, creating pops of colorful reflections in the candy wrapper.

Deepening the Values

Soon starts to bring the silver subject into focus by deepening the values and painting rich, dark colors that add mesmerizing depth and dimension to the composition.

Adding the Final Touches

To finish off the painting, Soon reflects the dark background into the colors of the candy wrapper, adding in the final touches and bringing it all together to complete the riveting painting.

After watching the preview of Vibrant Watercolor Techniques: Painting Silver, head on over to ArtistsNetwork.tv to stream the full painting demonstration and paint along with Soon!

About the Artist

Soon Y. Warren is a full-time artist and teacher. Appearing in several art publications, Soon has had numerous exhibitions and has earned multiple awards. Soon is the author of two North Light Books, Painting Vibrant Watercolors and Vibrant Flowers in Watercolor. Visit SoonWarren.com for more information on her artwork, and check out this fun interview with her at the ArtistsNetwork.tv studio.

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